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Project begun with the Condition Publique and La fabrique des quartiers of Roubaix, in connection with the district of «Pile».

Movable structures allow us to imagine various uses along the canal, used as a snack bar, exhibition spaces or sales spaces. The accumulation of elements and their modularity can create larger spaces for larger events, such as concerts and festivals.


Floating platforms allow recreation and relaxation areas on the canal. A docking system allow to graft elements and to vary uses. You can sit, find a shelter, share a meal with friends or neighborhood. 

Construction of full-scale furniture for the Pile au Rendez-vous festival with work to raise awareness of the project with a construction game aimed at both children and adults in the neighborhood who can then build free forms, architectures or models of furniture using wire and a roller with three different angles, identical to those used to form the structures and furniture of the site.

Project made with Soumaya Nader and Thibault Mathorel.

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