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Workshop at Plug-In-City in Eindhoven, with Raphael Coutin, Corradino Garofalo and Joan Vellve Rafecas, members of Fictional Collective, directed by Martial Marquet and Stéphane Dwernicki.

Temporary installation which allows to see what happens on the Ketlehuisplein, place facing Plug-In-City. The construction attracts the attention of passers by creating a contrast with the industrial architecture that surrounds it. Only one person at a time can experience the installation by mounting on the container : it requires three people to be activated. Pulled by other people through a pulley system, a new point of view is revealed.

Different perspectives of the square and the surroundings can be discovered while being hidden from others; The individual becomes a voyeur. Inside this small cabin of the size of one person, one becomes aware of what surrounds us, looking either through a small hole, or by climbing two steps that allow one to discover oneself, to show oneself.

Project made with Quentin Le Mahieu and Louise Gagnevin.

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